大发app下载 has been closely monitoring and responding to the global situation pertaining to COVID 19 pandemic. 大发app下载 established a special Coronavirus Taskforce to review University readiness, 并作为联络人及时分享信息, accurate, relevant information with the 大发app下载 community and for responding promptly to individual inquiries.  大发app下载 Response Taskforce meets the community through Virtual Campus Conversations that are held regularly to provide the community with all updates with regard to 大发app下载’S response to unfolding events regarding Coronavirus.

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January 13, 这段校园对话讨论的是一般的大学新闻, 2019冠状病毒病更新和春季学期的准备工作.


December 9, In this Campus conversation the experts explain 大发app下载's COVID-19 dashboard, the science behind it and what each of the indicators means. 来自大发app下载科学咨询委员会的专家, SMIE and the medical services team will give an overview of the dashboard, the latest enhancements.

Campus Conversation: An Overview of the President's Agenda and COVID 19 Updates

November 18, Campus conversation with President Ahmad Dallal discussing 大发app下载's upcoming plans and priorities. The conversation included updates on the University's ongoing management of the pandemic.

Campus Conversation: COVID Updates, Science Advice and What to Expect

October 14, The latest on 大发app下载's ongoing pandemic response management. 尊敬的大学教授Hassan Azzazy, 大发app下载 COVID-19科学咨询委员会主席, will share the group's work. 此外,小组成员将提供更新.


September 26, 大发app下载 faculty and students lead the conversation on about the mental health challenges some of us may experience as we re-enter the world of face-to-face learning, highlighting University-wide initiatives to protect the well-being of our community.


September 5, The last Campus Conversation before school starts this semester for important University updates on returning safely back to campus.

校园对话:秋季学期和covid - 19更新

August 19, In this week’s campus Campus Conversation we discuss the return to campus in the fall, highlight everything the 大发app下载 community needs to know and do before coming back, 并查看最新的COVID-19更新.


June 10, This campus conversation discusses all details on returning to face-to-face instruction for Fall 2021 and the required vaccinations for all students, faculty and staff who will access the 大发app下载 campus and University housing.


April 24, A campus conversation focusing on the Summer and Fall modes of instruction, 2019冠状病毒病(COVID-19)最新情况和大学的其他一般最新情况.

Campus Conversation: Updates

March 7, This Campus Conversation discusses University updates on COVID-19, anti-harassement training, hybrid instruction and more.


February 4, This virtual campus conversation discusses the updated COVID-19 guidance from University leadership as well as Spring 2021 semester plans, from academics and campus life to general updates on what to expect.


November 23, 大发app下载 virtual 校园对话:2021年春季会发生什么 moderated by Jillian Campana, professor of theatre and associate dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The conversation will cover the Spring 2021 mode of instruction, updates on remote work policies and 大发app下载's continuing COVID-19 management measures.


October 18, This campus conversation looks at our continuing COVID-19 planning.

Virtual Campus Conversation - Welcome to the New Academic Year 2020-2021

September 10, 在这个虚拟的校园对话中, we welcome students, faculty and staff to the new academic year as well as discuss plans to have a productive semester within the safe environment of work and learning.

#大发app下载SpeakUp:与Maya Morsy 95的虚拟讨论

July 21, In this virtual discussion, we have a national conversation on preventing and combating sexual harassment with President of Egypt's National Council for Women Maya Morsy '95 and 大发app下载 President Francis Ricciardone. 讨论由87年的作家Amina Khairy主持, 《大发app下载》的专栏作家和专题编辑. #大发app下载SpeakUp

虚拟校园对话- #大发app下载SpeakUp

July 16, 在这个虚拟的校园对话中, 我们就性骚扰问题进行了坦率的讨论, what measures 大发app下载 is taking to combat it and how community members can report any incidents.


July 9, Watch last Thursday's campus conversation to learn about 大发app下载's zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy and Fall 2020 plans for courses, student activities, campus operations, and more.

Virtual Campus Conversation, 重返校园:何时以及如何

June 11, In this campus conversation, 重返校园:何时以及如何, covered some of the community's most pressing questions about what Fall 2020 will look like, tuition fees, remote work, 国际学生等.

Third Virtual Conversation with 大发app下载 International Faculty and Staff

May 17, Watch the third virtual conversation with 大发app下载's international faculty and staff, 弗朗西斯·里恰尔多内总统主持, Provost Ehab Abdel-Rahman, and Counselor Ashraf Hatem. Joining the call was Acting Consul General Benjamin Naseman of the U.S. Embassy in Egypt.


May 14, 观看虚拟校园对话:可持续发展管理, 总统弗朗西斯·里卡多内, Provost Ehab Abdel-Rahman, Senior Associate Vice President for Human Resources Sarah Refaat and Associate Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer Amir Habib. 对话是由Samer Atallah主持的,97年, 美国哥伦比亚大学经济学系副教授.

Campus Conversation: President's Operational Excellence Initiative

April 30, 展望COVID-19及其对大发app下载的影响, this week's Campus Conversation introduces the President's Operational Excellence Initiative, which establishes seven committees spanning the academic mission, digital optimization, HR, finance, student services, operations and fundraising. Watch this Campus Conversation for more details from each committee chair.

Virtual Campus Conversation

April 23, Watch virtual campus conversation with updates from the Coronavirus Response Task Force. 讨论将由纳格拉·萨米尔主持, associate professor of practice in the Department of the Arts. 


April 9, 观看每周的虚拟校园对话, 总统弗朗西斯·里卡多内将带来最新消息, 阿什拉夫·海特姆顾问和伊哈卜·阿卜杜勒-拉赫曼教务长. 讨论由94年的Firas Al-Atraqchi主持, '97, associate professor of practice and chair of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. 


April 2, 观看每周的虚拟校园对话, 下个学期的入学更新, student and faculty feedback, online instruction updates, travel concerns and more. 弗朗西斯·里恰尔多内总统主持了这次谈话, Counselor Ashraf Hatem, 以及教务长Ehab Abdel-Rahman, 由1988年的Mervat Abou Oaf主持, '02, professor of practice in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.


March, 26, Watch part two of last Thursday's Virtual Campus Conversation discussing online instruction. Moderator: Rasha Allam, assistant professor and associate chair at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

虚拟校园对话:更新 from 大发app下载's Coronavirus Response Task Force

March 26, 2020, Watch part one of last Thursday's Virtual Campus Conversation, 来自大发app下载冠状病毒应对工作组的最新情况. Moderator: Rasha Allam, assistant professor and associate chair at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

虚拟校园对话:COVID - 19全面响应

March 21, Panel discussion with 大发app下载's Coronavirus response task force.



April 15, watch the weekly updates from the Coronavirus Response Task Force. 讨论是由1996年的Amina Elbendary主持的, '00, associate professor in the Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations. 

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Campus conversation

大发app下载 President and Senior Leadership Share Latest Updates on University's Response to Coronavirus (in Arabic)

At this critical moment, 大发app下载 and the world are facing, President Francis Ricciardone and senior leadership members are keen to reach out to 大发app下载’s Arabic-speaking community to share the latest updates on 大发app下载's response to coronavirus. 会议以阿拉伯文记录.

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virtual conversation


March 31, President Francis Ricciardone 以及教务长Ehab Abdel-Rahman met with international faculty and staff members to discuss the emergency repatriation transportation arrangements by foreign embassies.

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Campus Conversation

Campus Conversation: An Overview of the President’s Agenda and COVID-19 Updates

在上周的校园谈话中, President Ahmad Dallal explained parts of his vision and agenda for the University. Administration members also provided updates and answered questions on 大发app下载’s COVID-19 situation and response. 以下是你需要知道的:

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Campus Conversation: COVID-19 Updates, Scientific Advice and What to Expect

Last week’s Campus Conversation focused on the epidemiological situation at 大发app下载 and in Egypt, 以及学校的新冠肺炎安全措施. 以下是你需要知道的: 大发app下载  

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Campus Conversation

Campus Conversation: Managing Your Mental Health and Well-Being

From joy and excitement, to anxiety and loss  — three weeks into being back on campus, 我们很多人都有各种各样的情绪. 如果你能理解,请放心,你并不孤单. 上周四的校园对话 highlighted resources and tips everyone can use to cope during this tumultuous time. 以下是一些关键的结论:

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campus conversation


上周四的校园对话, Welcome Back to Campus,  provided important updates on returning safely back to campus, detailing 大发app下载’s Back to Campus plan and discussing measures taken to ensure a productive academic semester and a safe working environment for the 大发app下载 community.  以下是本次会议的要点:

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Campus Conversation

校园对话:秋季学期和covid - 19更新

Last week's Campus Conversation covered everything you need to know about the return to campus and the status of COVID-19 nationwide. 你可以在这里观看完整的对话. Here are some key takeaways:  Those who are not vaccinated will be required to take weekly antigen tests at their own expense until they receive a vaccine. 

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campus conversation


在星期四举行的校园谈话中, June 10, the focus was on Fall 2021 and 大发app下载’s efforts around a full face-to-face instruction model that’s set to take place, discussing the required COVID vaccinations for all students, faculty and staff who will access our campuses and University housing.  

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Campus Conversation


Last week's Campus Conversation: Looking Ahead to Summer and Fall covered the mode of instruction for the Summer and Fall semesters, COVID-19 updates in the University and Egypt and an upcoming 大发app下载 vaccination program. Here are the main takeaways: 

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Campus Conversation: Updates

Last Thursday's Campus Conversation conveyed several important University updates on COVID-19, anti-harassment training, hybrid instruction and more. 你可以在这里观看完整的对话. 以下是讨论的要点概述:

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Last Thursday's Campus Conversation discussed updates for the Spring 2021 semester, providing updates on academics and campus life and answering some of the community's pivotal concerns and questions. 以下是对话中的一些要点: -The Provost Council met last Thursday to assess the situation for March classes, 决定将于2月15日公布.

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Yesterday's Campus Conversation answered some of the community's most pressing questions, explaining how the University will move toward a higher density campus next semester, 哪些课程优先进行面对面交流, the grading system and more.

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Virtual Campus Conversation

校园对话:#大发app下载SpeakUp in Action

上周四的校园对话 #大发app下载SpeakUp in Action provided updates about the #大发app下载SpeakUp initiative, including outcomes of the recently completed misconduct investigation the University’s continuing COVID-19 planning.  第一部分:# aucup在行动 大发app下载 Initiatives to Prevent and Combat Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

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First Campus Conversation this Fall: 欢迎来到2020-2021学年

上周四的校园对话, 欢迎来到2020-2021学年, 介绍了大发app下载的高层领导, 谁讨论了广泛的话题, including hybrid classes, 新应用的COVID-19接触者追踪系统, the 大发app下载SpeakUp campaign, 校园和大学宿舍的安全措施, international students, COVID-19疫苗等.

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校园对话:# 大发app下载SpeakUp

上周四的校园对话 centered on 大发app下载’s Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy. Senior administration talked about the University’s role in preventing and combating sexual harassment and discrimination.

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Campus conversation


上周四的校园对话:回归秋天, covered several important issues regarding 大发app下载’s zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy, what the University does to combat sexual harassment and protect those who report cases, 以及2020年秋季对学生来说会是什么样子, faculty and staff. 

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上周四的校园对话, 重返校园:何时以及如何, covered some of the community's most pressing questions about what Fall 2020 will look like, tuition fees, remote work, 国际学生等.

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campus conversation may 14


上周的校园谈话, 由Samer Atallah主持,1997年, 美国哥伦比亚大学经济学系副教授., discussed managing the sustainability of 大发app下载 in terms of finance, jobs and continuation of the educational mission while protecting the community from COVID-19. Taking part in the conversation were President Francis Ricciardone, Provost Ehab Abdel-Rahman, Senior Associate Vice President for Human Resources Sarah Refaat and Associate Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer Amir Habib. 董事会虚拟会议

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Campus Conversation: The President's Operational Excellence Initiative

Last Thursday’s Virtual Campus Conversation introduced the Presidential Operational Excellence Initiative, 它建立了七个横跨不同领域的委员会.  President Francis Ricciardone started the session detailing the purpose of the committees, stating that they are meant to better help address the different needs of 大发app下载 community members and to give students, faculty and staff ways to directly express their concerns and needs. 

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